Zoo Day

Any mention of the word, “zoo” near my almost-two-year-old elicits this response: “ZOO DAY!” And then I am bombarded with a chant of, “Zoo day! Zoo day! Zoo day!”  I feel really good about purchasing the Woodland Park Zoo annual pass last month. We’ve already paid for it in visits! What a good buy and an awesome zoo. We visit a small section of the zoo on each trip and don’t stress out about seeing everything so that we “get our money’s worth.” On this trip, we spent a lot of time at the Family Farm section.

I’m finally trying out shooting in RAW format. My mom’s been encouraging me to do it for, well, a few years. I’m lazy though. I need to find a little tutorial in processing them because I think I’m missing something. I’m open to tips. Today I processed photos with Urban Delight by Paint the Moon in Photoshop. Her photoshop actions are nice because they allow for adjustments to be made after running the action.

Here’s the photo that I think benefited the most by being shot in RAW format. I was able to get a lot of nice color in the dark background.

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