Sunlight and holiday lights

Here is my version of Christmas Santa pictures. My toddler is TERRIFIED of Santa Claus. There’s no way I’m forcing him to sit on the lap of a crazy-looking stranger. In fact, he won’t go downstairs by himself anymore because there is a Santa Claus figure sitting on the table down there.  (Admittedly, it’s a pretty scary Gandolf-looking  Santa we got from a white elephant exchange.) He starts crying and clinging to me if we even SEE a Santa from 50 yards away!

Processed with Sunny Day by Paint the Moon. There was already really nice window light in the photos, but this enhanced that effect and created a really nice yellowy tone. I limited my sharpening because I like the soft skin and blanket.

Ta da!

Fa la la la la!

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One thought on “Sunlight and holiday lights

  1. Alicia Richards on said:

    That’s a very cute little elf you have there!

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